Welcome to Our Kitchen

We’re delighted you’re here! We are Suz and Courts, a mother-daughter duet that loves to travel, cook, garden, (especially our veggie garden) and stay fit together. (Cycling, rollerblading, hiking and kickboxing are our favorite forms of exercise. ) We thrive on creating new, seasonal recipes for you to try at home and we love sharing our adventures as we foray into the great outdoors for both travel and fitness.

When Courts is not in a show on Broadway (Wicked at the moment) we spend half the year in Austin, Texas, a super vibrant, outdoorsy city that has an extraordinary food scene. In the summertime we venture off to live in the backwoods of Idaho, seven miles back a dirt road! Our Idaho garden is a greenhouse that my husband, Iven, built so we have finally been able to cultivate herbs and veggies, despite a very short growing season. We believe a happy home always begins in the kitchen and we hope you enjoy trying seasonally-inspired recipes in your own happy kitchen … or on the road wherever your travels may take you.

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