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Hi, We’re Suz & Courts!

Adventures in Food & Travel

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Cooking & creating new recipes inspired by our travels

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Fitness Fun & More!

We love having you here at Treks & Bites to share in the fun

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 We love to travel the world especially on our bikes

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Treks & BitesAka Food, Fitness, and Adventure

I love hanging out with my girl and during the year of Covid, we were lucky enough to have Courtney back from Broadway, where she was a member of the Wicked cast. Because she is super outdoorsy and so are we, it was one adventure after the next! Since we are always creating in the kitchen and exploring the vast and amazing outdoor playground, we have teamed up as Treks & Bites to bring you festive recipes, adventure tidbits, and fitness fun!  We’d love to put a little spring in your step! We hope you’ll join us for the fun of it all, from planning your next meal or trip, to tasting and traveling vicariously. 


Aka Courtsie, Dubbs, Quatskis, Chutney, Coco, Corduroy, Pickles 🙂
Broadway Actor/Food & Fitness Blogger

Growing up in the foothills in Northern California, I’ve always had the outdoor adventure bug. In addition, I wound up with the performing bug, too. I was lucky enough to pursue my Broadway dreams for 12 years, and though it was very strange to be away from that world for one and half years during Covid, I absolutely loved being with my family, spending time in the great outdoors, and cooking up a storm! And what a great gift it is to team up with my incredible mom on the Treks & Bites team, bringing our fun recipes, adventures, and fitness fun to you! Nowadays, even though I’ve left New York, I haven’t left Broadway, because I occasionally go back to perform with Wicked on the national tour, and get to enjoy the best of both worlds! Thank you for following along on our journey – we hope to keep seeing you for continued fun in the food, travel, and fitness realms! 

Susie Iventosch

Aka Suz, Maky, Madgiti, Madré, Mama Ivy
Avid Cook, Recipe Developer, Mountain Biker & Roller Blader

I’ve been a foodie my whole life! My mom was a fantastic cook and loved to entertain and I always loved being her assistant. She gave me free rein in the kitchen from a very early age and it all began with my Suzy Homemaker Oven. Before long, the whole kitchen was my oyster.  Since 2004, I’ve been a newspaper food columnist, creating recipes for our readers to enjoy, which has been incredibly rewarding. When I was a young mother, my husband and I encouraged our three children to participate in the cooking and as a result they have all become amazing cooks and foodies themselves. This makes us exceptionally happy! We believe a happy home begins in the kitchen and thrives at the dining room table!

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