Johnny’s Lamb Lollipops

We are big fans of lamb and always have been! We have a few favorite recipes including Noah’s Delectable Lamb Chops and Mother’s Day Lamb (coming soon for Mother’s Day.) But the first time we had this lamb cooked this “Johnny’s Way” was at our son’s girlfriend’s house and we loved it so much! This is how Peter (her stepdad) always cooks lamb, and we can certainly see why! It is super simple and easy to make, and always delicious. It has two ingredients: lamb and Johnny’s Seasoning Salt. That’s it!  

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Johnny’s Lamb Lollipops

Simply remove any excess fat from the French cut rack of lamb. Then cut the rack into individual lollipops, season both sides with Johnny’s Seasoning Salt, (the no MSG version), and barbecue anywhere from 1-3 minutes per side, depending upon the thickness and desired doneness. The fabulous thing about this way of cooking lamb is that you can accommodate everyone’s individual preferences of rare, medium, or well-done meat! It really is this simple!

You can find Johnny’s Seasoning Salt at most any major grocery store, but if you can’t you can buy it online on the Johnny’s Fine Foods website.

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