Diavola Spice Rub

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Diavola Spice Rub

Diavola Spice Rub is our original blend: a spicy rub that is the perfect balance of flavor and heat. Named for the traditional Italian dish “pollo alla diavola” we served it to friends and family who loved it so much, they asked us to bottle it. So we did! It’s fantastic on chicken, shrimp, grilled veggies like corn, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and even popcorn! This proprietary seasoning is custom crafted with cayenne, garlic and spices.

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  1. This is super delicious to use as a wing rub, too!

  2. Loving these spice blends!! Diavola is my favorite. It is the perfect blend of spice and flavor. I added it to chicken meatballs and they were delicious!!

  3. This spice is one of my all-time favorites! Awesome with chicken, but is also great on veggies, fish, and meat.

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