Good Times in the Great Outdoors

We love a great adventure, but sometimes you can’t beat playing in your own backyard! It always feels great to get outside and just enjoy the great outdoors. Here are some fun outdoor activities you can enjoy too, whether at home or in new territory! 

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Competition is not taken lightly in the Iventosch household. And because I have two younger, but much stronger, bigger, and more athletic brothers, and two very fit and energetic parents, I’m always struggling to win anything! Being the shortest of the group doesn’t help either. Everything in life is or becomes a game. And if/when I find something I’m halfway decent at, I run with it! Spike ball turns out to be one of those games, and I am just thrilled that I can even play and occasionally win. What a gift! 😂 As I like to say, “blessings.” This sped up game was pretty even, but Joel and I beat our parents. Who’s counting, though? 😎

Spikeball can be played just about anywhere, and is easy to transport. Grab a set at our online store and a few friends and hit the sand, grass, or dirt! 


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Mama and I have gotten really into mountain biking over the past few years. We especially love the dirt roads around our cabin near McCall, Idaho. This week we did a particularly fun ride at Jug Mountain Ranch – what an awesome trail system! We did a lot of uphill climbing but then got to take the single-track trail down (such a blast!). This pic is from the top, right before heading down the mountain.


We love a good jump in the pond, especially on a hot day! This time, we recruited Dad to take this boomerang of us – what a good sport! And he captured us well, we think! Only took a few tries 🙂 

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