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The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

Let no grass grow beneath these feet

 Hi! I'm Susie Iventosch and I am pretty certain I was born to wander! This was confirmed the day my 4th grade teacher pulled down the world map for our first geography lesson.  I was hooked! This was about the same time I first made tarragon chicken to earn my Girl Scout cooking badge — one of my prized achievements in those days! These two passions still motivate me today. As a regularly featured food columnist for the past 15 years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to share my love of cooking and favorite new recipes with our Lamorinda Weekly readers. And, now through this blog, I hope to share travel adventures and exciting, new places to visit for those who love to travel!  


Trekking and Cooking

 I was lucky enough to have a mom who allowed me to cook and experiment in the kitchen. Kudos to Grams! She gave me free rein, with the one exception that there would be no box mixes of any kind in our house. That was fine with me! The scratchier the better! This way I actually learned how to cook.  When I was a young mother, I also encouraged my three kids to get active in the kitchen. Today, all of our kids enjoy cooking and entertaining! This makes me exceptionally happy,  because I believe a happy home always begins in the kitchen! Nowadays, my husband and I practically run a B&B in the backwoods of Idaho - so far just for family and friends, but it's been a fun way of sharing our love of trekking and cooking with others! 

My daugher Courtney and me in the surf in Eleuthera!

Favorite Destinations

 Hands down, my favorite place to visit is Paris. That's where I would go if I had just one choice. Luckily, that's not the case, and I've enjoyed so many, wonderful travel adventures, big thanks to my husband, Lenny, and his global business responsibilities. Because of his job, I have been able to tag along to see much of the world, from learning to bake croissants in Paris to the Beijing Summer Palace and even the vineyards of Mendoza. But, when it comes to favorite destinations, I have to include Austin, Texas; Santiago, Chile; and New York City for favorite city jaunts. And, like Paris, they are also amazing foodie cities! As for adventure, it's tough to beat the Caribbean Sea or the back country mountains, rivers and wilderness air strips in Idaho. It's truly a gorgeous state and the one we call home from May through October. Huckleberry picking and mushroom foraging give this place an extra boost! Giving a shout out to my best pals, Mendocino, California has been the focus of our "best-friends" gathering for the past 30 years. But, since there is still plenty of terrain to cover, I am holding judgment on absolute favorites for another decade or so,